Monday, February 8, 2010

Real Food Challenge

So last week was week one of the Real Food Challenge that I signed up for at Considering I did not complete the very first task, I'd say I went pretty well.

The challenge involves one step-a-day in the month of Febuary to move us towards the goal of eating Real Food. No sugar, nothing processed. I've been trying to prepare meals this way for some time now for my family, but we have definately had room for improvement. This seemed like just the kick in the pants to get me motivated to make some needed changes.

Day one, the task was to empty my pantry of all processed foods. All. Sugar, refined flour, pasta (even whole grain), cereals and breads. The goal is not really unattainable, but I knew we would not meet this one, not this week. Cleaning out the fridge is hard enough while rangling a rambunctious toddler and an in-arms babe, let alone a pantry. Ours is so deep that I have no idea what lurks in it's darkest corners.

The good news is that we are replacing said black-hole-of-a-pantry, hopefully within the month, and that will give me a great opportunity to do some much needed pruning.

As to whether or not I will manage to convince my other half that we can ditch all processed foods...that may be a different story!

The other challenges have been super fun. I've successfully started a gluten free wild sourdough starter, made soaked steel cut oats all last week, and our meals have been simple, delicious, and "real". Tonight I'm making a nourishing green soup with bone broth I made from a chicken we ate last week...yum!

Coincidentally, we also finished watching Food Inc. last night, and that only strengthened my resolve to shop and cook mindfully. It's an awesome documentary on our food system, and I highly recommend everone watch it. I was even inspired to spend the morning outside, getting our garden ready for some spring planting!

Happy, healthy eating, everyone!

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